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Founded in September of 2017 by Margaret Keymetian Ng, MSOD, Prosci, CSP, M3E Change Associates Inc is a management consulting firm specializing in educational consulting, virtual workplace technologies, large IT system implementations, process redesign and harmonization, mergers and acquisitions, organizational development, training, communications and leadership coaching.

From her extensive network with trusted, highly skilled professionals in a wide range of disciplines, Margaret creates project teams that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

M3E works with institutions around the globe.

M3E is 100% Women Owned and Operated

Margaret is an organizational psychologist and certified change management professional whose expertise is helping businesses, municipalities and educational institutions articulate strategies to build critical capabilities that streamline the change process and enable greater success. Masterful at developing leaders who influence change on all levels of their organization, she promotes change and advancement to adopt technology innovations, up-level employees’ core competencies, and revolutionize core business processes, improve team performance, and optimize customer experience.

A business partner and strategic planner, Margaret offers a track record of structuring and spearheading holistic, never-before-done projects. She has the emotional and social intelligence to bridge gaps across executive, staff, and clients, to drive a diverse, inclusive environment. Her reputation is for making change stick, by promoting learning agility and instilling confidence.

Margaret brings 25+ years of experience in the field of Change Management and Training, including time in two Big Four professional services firms and consulting work for a number of Fortune 500 companies. She is comfortable working at all levels in an organization, from the C-suite to the plant floor.

Margaret has won a number of accolades and awards

In addition to possessing 25+ years experience in the field of Change Management and Training, Margaret has been recognized as a: 
- Top Female Executive, International Women’s Leadership Association (IWLA)
- Woman of the Year, National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)
- Woman of Empowerment, Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized (POWER)
- Top Women In Business, Cambridge Who’s Who

Margaret has two school-aged children of her own:

Ethan, age 7 (a first-grader), and Emma, age 14 (a high-school freshman), who attend public school. As the parent of a son who is not neuro-typical, having ASD and ADHD, Margaret is also familiar with the challenges of parent advocacy and the special education system in New Jersey.

Margaret volunteers her time doing pro-bono work for not-for-profit organizations and is the Den Leader of her son’s Cub Scout Troop, Pack 10 in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.

For a detailed resume and more information about Margaret,

you can visit her professional portfolio site where you will find links to articles, work samples, and more about Margaret's Autism Advocacy work.

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Margaret has had the privilege of working with these and many other entities during her career.


Financial Services, Healthcare, Management Consulting, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Municipal/Local Government, K–12 and Higher Education


Margaret is a bright, self starter and leader. She has strong skills as a project manager and is quite knowledgeable in the areas of change management and digital transformation. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Margaret again.

Dan Wall

Advisory Executive, Digital Strategy and Transformation

I found Margaret to be a detail oriented and a very supportive teammate. She is energetic and was a pleasure to work with! Her knowledge of the healthcare space coupled with Change Management led our team to success!

Cody Allen

Senior IT Advisory Consultant, Growth and Strategy

Amid chaos, Margaret kept a sense of humor and helped others do the same. She continued driving things forward regardless of unexpected hurdles. Definitely a colleague I would want on my team!

Jen Matheson

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Margaret has the ability to quickly grasp and synthesize complex information. She is fast learning and possesses a no-fear attitude. She has no problem jumping into a project mid-stream, and she is quick to offer her assistance wherever she can add value, be it a small or large task...Margaret would be a welcome addition to any team, department, and organization.

Jerold Jeansonne, PhD

Change Management, Organizational Development, Learning & Leadership Development Leader

Margaret is a consummate Management Consulting professional with a wide variety of experience, particularly in the areas of Change Management, Talent Management and Human Capital Consulting. She is a flexible & hard working individual who takes great pride in her work.

Michael Paust

Global Operations Executive and Big-4 Director, People and Change Management Consulting

Margaret led a two-day retreat for Image Impact International and as a new board member I walked away with so much knowledge and excitement to be part of the team. All of the activities that she walked us through were not only fun, but also informative and helped us to develop workable strategies. Margaret is a strong facilitator, who plays the strengths of the group and sees where we need to improve as a team to create short- and long-term goals that are achievable.

Rebecca Gallagher

Senior Director, Creative Strategy

Partnering with Margaret was a pleasure. The change management concepts we were integrating in our project had a lot of complexities. Her mastery of the subject matter coupled with her open, collaborative approach made the partnership seamless.

Lisa (Rizzi) Hannum

Senior Business Transformation and Change Management Professional

Margaret and I worked together at KPMG. She brings to bear her academic background in organizational psychology and change management as well as experiences with developing workforces and leaders. I found her to be strategic and someone who makes the effort to translate these goals down to tactical plans. Margaret cares a great deal about her work and (is) willing to accommodate challenging schedules.

Richard Gegenwarth

Strategic Change Management Leader

Margaret has excellent team and people skills and built team cohesion amongst the various work streams on our team...Our client leadership responded well to her in facilitated workshops and sessions, and she had an impressive understanding of the principles of change management.

Cindy Cohen

Principal at KPMG

Margaret is a hard working, committed professional, with an excellent knowledge of Project Management, Strategic Planning and Change Management. She also has an in-depth understanding of Training and Development. She has an innate sense of the end-user's needs, and is laser focussed on meeting deadlines and achieving results. Margaret has excellent communication skills and is able to build relationships at all levels of an organization. She works exceptionally well under stress and with multi-level, complex projects. I would highly recommend Margaret.

Adine Stone

Program Manager

(Margaret) has proven to be an excellent communicator, extremely reliable, and tremendously efficient. Her adept ability to assess end-users' needs and match them to the right course of planning and preparation has proved to be a worthy asset. In addition, Margaret is extremely reliable and computer literate, and is truly comfortable building a rapport with people of all ages throughout varying levels of management.

Dan Gornetzki

Change Manager

Margaret has outstanding project management skills, not only leading a team of developers, but also interfacing directly with clients. Margaret was able to delegate work appropriately based to skill level and capitalize on the strengths of her team. In addition, her ability to manage a multi-faceted and complex client account is impressive.

Carol Munir

Senior Director, Talent Development Ops

It was my privilege and pleasure to work with Margaret on a consulting project with a tight turnaround. Knowledgeable, diligent and highly productive, Margaret is a creative, critical thinker with the confidence to step up and take charge. I'm delighted to recommend her as a generous and insightful team player who consistently delivers excellent work and can always be counted on to come through in the clutch.

Page Anne Smith, MSOD, SPHR, ACC

Organizational Development and Change Internal Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

Margaret has been an incredible asset to me and my team over the past two years. She has been instrumental in helping me to build a solid training staff, training continuum to address changing business needs as well as establish processes necessary to ensure consistent delivery. Margaret is the consummate professional and I highly recommend her based on expertise in Learning & OD, drive for exceptional results and ability to overcome obstacles in order to meet the objective.

Karen Brown

Assistant Director, Human Services

Margaret is a hard working professional, with a great understanding of the value of Change Management in an organization and the best ways to enact it.

John Thompson-Haas

Managing Director, Consulting and Client Services